Who I Am & What This Blog is About…

If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.
~ Abraham Maslow 

Hence, I have no such plans. Rather, my motto of late feels most appropriate: “live big… live unafraid… live unapologetically.” From now forward, I intend to live as fully and completely as possible, sparing nothing of goals and dreams that—through the first four decades of my life—have been sacrificed to a guise of homogenized normalcy. That’s not the life for me, I have no designs on letting my hopes and priorities take a back seat any longer—to hell with dogma and expectations!

On the short list of me-ness: California native, current very happy resident of Seattle, and future Tahiti beach bunny. Poet, ethereal soapbox orator, psychology major, aspiring family and children’s therapist, LGBT rights advocate/activist. Wanna-be Imperial Storm trooper, wanna-be (curvy) pin-up model, and would-die-to-be a not-too-infrequent patron of 40s jazz clubs. Total foodie, coffee snob, wine lover, and fan of all that is fine Irish stout. Shoe slut, jeans-and-boots fanatic, lover of scarves and polka dots, crazy for Chanel and chocolate, Burberry and burlesque. Never without music, fan of so much, from Vivaldi and Miles Davis to the Beatles and Nine Inch Nails. I am moderately liberal- or, liberally moderate, one… I dunno, whatever, I have my own opinions, I know what I believe in, and I like the ones I trust- which isn’t many, and this isn’t supposed to be political anyhow… so there’s that! I am a free spirited, open-minded, positive thinking, and deeply passionate lover of all that is spontaneous and off the beaten path. With all of this in mind and a keyboard at the ready, I will craft my thoughts, views, and ideas into something fun, worth your time to read, and- hopefully- some positive, life-affirming, even thought provoking insight to the life of one transgender woman’s journey through transition and new womanhood… mine!

My goal, ultimately, through building my presence in blogging and social media- is to connect with like-minded individuals: members and allies of the LGBT community; any who express or identify as transgender or any other form of non-binary gender alignment; providers, specialists and other members of the mental health community with goals and views similar to my own; and wayward blog-inistas who wind up at my blog because of that one fateful tag-following tangent at two in the morning while I’m probably trying to write something new and suffering my own bout of insomnia and contemplating either wine or coffee and just settling for maybe a bath and probably just falling into bed and keeping my wife awake for the next three hours… errr, yeah… Please feel free to comment here or elsewhere that you may find me, I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

– Racquelle

2 Responses to Who I Am & What This Blog is About…

  1. tracylyn0820 says:

    I can’t wait for your posts! Xoxo

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